Mining truck

  • 70 Ton Mining Truck

    70 Ton Mining Truck

    1. The engine is equipped with an electric heating device for the intake system. In cold weather, it is not difficult to start the vehicle. The pre-filtered oil bath air filter of the intake system can effectively filter the dust and effectively prevent the early stage of the engine. wear and prolong service life.

    2. In order to facilitate the modification of the body, the exhaust pipe reserves the heating and air intake position of the bottom plate of the dump truck.

    3. The reinforced front and rear leaf springs enable the chassis to cope with various harsh working environments. 

    4. The standard 200L cooling water tank and water spray device can cool down the braking system more conveniently and quickly, and improve the braking safety.

    5.High section and high strength provide a solid skeleton for your vehicle.

  • 50 Ton Loading Mining Truck

    50 Ton Loading Mining Truck

    - Strong performance: Adhering to the design advantages of the 70 mine overlord, the synchronization technology is improved
    – Excellent price: Large-scale production, the price is better than similar products of other manufacturers.
    – Strong competition: It forms a complete mining truck platform 
    – Wide application: it is more suitable for narrow and harsh working conditions than 70 ton Mining truck
    – High efficiency: The AC16 bridge (speed ratio reaches to 6.5) with a speed of up to 75KM/h, and the transportation efficiency is greatly improved.
    – Make money quickly: The carrying capacity of 50 mine warriors is 1.5 times that of ordinary dump trucks, making money quickly and with a high rate of return.

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