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With 86kW/2200rpm , this engine conforms to China-III emission regulation

Application field :Mining area , City Construction ,  Water conservancy project , Agriculture and Forestry ,Port and Wharf , Airport Construction .

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Optional attachments

Breaking hammer, ripper, timber grab, stone grab, quick change coupling, hydraulic tamper, quick change coupling, and breaking hammer pipeline.


Optional equipment of machine

Refueling pump

Cab warning lamp

Cab ceiling lamp

Cab overhead protective net

Cab front upper protective net

Cab front lower protective net

Rubber track


Quick and convenient maintenance

● The fully openable engine hood is installed with locating mechanism to realize handy and safe opening, large engine compartment space, and easy maintenance.

● The electric parts are centrally arranged to ease the checking and maintenances.

● The filling of washing fluid, the replacement of air filter element, and the power master switch are easily accessible.


Spacious and comfortable operating environment

● The high-power A/C is installed and the adjustable wrist rest and the air cushioned seat are provided to help your all-day comfortable operations.


Intelligent electronic control and optimal power control

● The intelligent control system realizes the optimal match between power system and hydraulic system to improve the working efficiency. The automatic idling function is provided to lower the fuel consumption and reduce the operating cost.


Drive sprockets, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers, and tracks

● The world’s sophisticated forging and heat treatment processes guarantee stable and reliable quality.


Enhanced working device

● The structures of critical portions are comprehensively optimized and the load-carrying positions are reinforced to resist against severe working conditions.

● The baseplates, side plates, and reinforcement plates of bucket are made of high-strength wear-resistant material to improve the durability of bucket.

● Based on the digging path of the bucket, the bucket structure is optimized to reduce the digging resistance and improve the digging efficiency.

● The H-shaped track frame features strong carrying capacity and reasonable machine load distribution. The track frame is equipped with standard boarding footplate to mitigate the user’s labor strength and improve the user satisfaction.


High-end system configuration

● Cummins high pressure common rail electronic injection engine features high power reserve and strong power.

● The full set of Kawasaki negative-flow system features high stability and reliability and is the golden configuration among the products of same tonnage.

● This machine features high system pressure, high flow, and fast motion response, with maximum digging force up to 105KN.

● The comprehensively optimized working device and the cast shaft seats for boom and arm feature high strength, good wear resistance, and long life.

● The two-sided support track rollers in place of carrier rollers, two one-sided track guides, and the reinforced X-frame are installed to adapt to severe working conditions.

● The optional 0.65m3 rock bucket is designed specially for rock working condition.


Comparative item

SE150 (Standard version)

Overall dimensions

Overall length (mm)


Ground length (During transport) (mm)


Overall height (To the top of boom) (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (To top of cab) (mm)


Ground clearance of counterweight (mm)


Minimum ground clearance (mm)


Tail turning radius (mm)


Track length (mm)


Track gauge (mm)


Track width (mm)


Standard track shoe width (mm)


Turntable width (mm)


Distance from slewing center to tail (mm)


Working range

Maximum digging height (mm)


Maximum dumping height (mm)


Maximum digging depth (mm)


Maximum vertical digging depth (mm)


Maximum digging distance (mm)


Maximum digging distance at ground level (mm)


Working device minimum turning radius (mm)


Maximum lifting height of bulldozer blade (mm)


Maximum digging depth of bulldozer blade (mm)




QSF3.8T (China-III)


 4-cylinder, high pressure common rail, and water-cooled and turbocharged

Displacement (L)


Rated power (kW/rpm)


Hydraulic system

Type of hydraulic pump

Variable displacement duplex plunger pump

Rated working flow (L/min)



Bucket capacity (m³)


Swing system

Maximum swing speed (r/min)


Brake type

Mechanically applied and pressure released

Digging force

Bucket arm digging force (KN)


Bucket digging force (KN)


Operating weight and ground pressure

Operating weight (kg)


Ground pressure (kPa)


Traveling system

Traveling motor

Axial variable displacement plunger motor

Traveling speed (km/h)


Traction force (KN)




Tank capacity

Fuel tank capacity (L)


Cooling system (L)


Engine oil capacity (L)


Hydraulic oil tank/system capacity (L)




1. Excavators are fixed assets with a large economic investment. In order to increase their service life and obtain greater economic benefits, the equipment must be assigned to personnel, machines, positions, and responsibilities. When job transfer is necessary, equipment confession should be made.

2. After the excavator enters the construction site, the driver should first observe the geology of the working surface and the surrounding environment. There should be no obstacles within the excavator's radius of rotation to avoid scratches or damage to the vehicle.

3. After the machine is started, no one is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the shovel arm and on the crawler belt to ensure safe production.

4. During the work of the excavator, it is forbidden for any person to stay or walk within the radius of gyration or under the bucket. Non-drivers are not allowed to enter the driver's cab to mess around, and must not bring training drivers to avoid damage to electrical equipment.

5. When the excavator is moving, the driver should observe and whistle before moving to avoid safety accidents caused by someone near the machine. The position after moving should ensure that there are no obstacles in the space of the excavator's radius of rotation, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited.

6. After the work is over, move the excavator away from the low-lying place or the edge of the trench (ditch), park it on the flat ground, close the doors and windows and lock them.

7. The driver must do the daily maintenance, overhaul, and maintenance of the equipment, make a daily record of the equipment in use, find that the vehicle is faulty, and cannot work with illness, and report repairs in time.

8. The cab must be clean and tidy, and the surface of the car body must be clean, dust-free, and oil-free; develop the habit of wiping the car after work.

9. The driver should keep a record of daily shifts in a timely manner, make statistics on the work content of the day, complete the formalities in time for odd jobs or odd items outside the project, and make records for use in checkout.

10. Drivers are strictly prohibited from drinking at noon and drunk driving during work. If found, financial penalties shall be imposed and the economic losses caused shall be borne by the drivers themselves.

11. For man-made vehicle damage, it is necessary to analyze the cause, find the problem, distinguish the responsibilities, and impose economic penalties according to the severity of the responsibility.

12. We must establish a high sense of responsibility, ensure safe production, conscientiously do a good job of communication and service with the construction party, do a good job of bilateral relations, establish a good work style, and work hard for the development and benefits of the enterprise.

13. Excavator operation is a special operation, and a special operation license is required to drive the excavator.

14. Do maintenance regularly is a must for the machinery .


Production Time  : 45 Days

Custom Clearance : 5 Days

Payment Terms : 

T/T 50% deposit should be paid by the buyer when signing the contract, the balance should be paid when goods are complete finished before shipment .

Notice : 

  • 3 Air-filters
  • 3 Fuel-filters
  • 3 Oil-filters
  • 3 pairs of brake shoes

Above parts are given freely for the trucks exported to overseas , to guarantee the customers trucks in good condition .

Others : 

  • The new machine will be waxed twice before shipment , to protect its painting from water or wind from the ocean .

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