35,000 L ~ 55,000 L Stainless Steel Milk Tanker Trailer — Food Grade Tanker Trailer

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The tank body is made of food-grade stainless steel. The outside of the tank body needs to be insulated to prevent the deterioration of fresh milk. ,adding a CIP (cleaning device) to each milk tanker . The outside of the tank is finely polished and the tank is equipped with thermal insulation and refrigeration functions.

  • Origin : China
  • Manufacturer: Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited
  • Material: Food grade Stainless Steel - SS304 ,-SS 316
  • Loading Capacity: 35,000 L ~ 55,000 L ( Cutomized )
  • Transport material: Fresh Milk , Food Grade Drinking Water
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    The material of the tank is made of high-quality and food grade stainless steel . We put the food security as our top concern for the clients . 

    The top of the filling is equipped with a ventilation valve, which is automatically adjusted to reduce the evaporation loss of the liquid and prevent the deformation of the liquid filling body when positive and negative pressures are generated in the tank; according to the needs of the transportation, an electrostatic grounding plate can be set. A fire cover is installed to prevent accidental traffic accidents due to static electricity and sparks; the residual liquid in the tank is small, which meets the requirement of less than 1% of the national standard; there are many optional components; flowmeters, liquid level gauges, and safety locks can be selected as required device, anti-spill device, etc. A variety of configurations, a variety of options, to adapt to market demand.

    Modified configuration of fresh milk transporter: The tank structure is divided into three layers: insulation layer, insulation layer and tank inner liner.

    First of all , the inner tank of the frame tank is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel plate. The tank body can be made into 2-3 compartments. The tank inside needs to be clean and without sharp angles. Each milk tank is equipped with a CIP system  (cleaning device) and the tank is provided with a washer.

    Second, there is an insulating layer in the middle of the tank, which has the effect of heat preservation and prevents the deterioration of fresh milk. When the temperature difference is 30 degrees, the temperature change does not exceed 1 degree in 24 hours. The thermal insulation material adopts 80 (mm) thick polyurethane foam material for thermal insulation.

    Third , the outer layer of the tank (the protective layer of the thermal insulation layer) is made of 2mm thick 304L stainless steel plate. The stainless steel outer skin and the trunk are beautiful in appearance, the whole car body is beautiful in appearance, scientific in structure, light in weight and good in strength.

    Fourth, each single bin has a separate discharge port (self-flow port) and feeding port (tank port).

    Others : Optional refrigerator, rock wool insulation, exhaust gas circulating heating, and stainless steel pump are installed to make the vehicle have a suction function.

    3 Axles Milk tanker trailer Main Specs

    Overall Dimension(LxW xH)


    Tare Weight(KG)


    Loading Weight( KG)


    Tank capacity( CBM )






    Tank body thickness(mm)

    Stainless 316  4mm steel

    End plate

    Stainless 316  6mm steel

    Main beam

    Opting for high tensile steel Q345B welded by automatic
    submerged-arc processes

    Axle Brand

    FUWA 13ton axle

    Axle Number




    Manhole covers

    500mm manhole cover .3 sets with 3 breather valve.

    Discharge valve

    4 disc valve

    Dischage pipe

    4 seamless steel tube

    Spill Discharges

    1  at the rear

    Bottom valve

    1 set


    on the top

    Suspension system

    Leaf spring suspension

    Steel Spring

    10/10/10 leaf spring suspension

    Tire Type and quantity

    295/80R22.5  (12 units)

    Traction Pin


    Spare Wheel Bracket

    2 pieces



    Tool Box

    1 Standard

    Landing Gear

    two-speed,manual operating ,heavy duty landing gear 28T

    Brake system

    Without ABS, brake outside

    Brake air chamber

    6 double chamber T30/30

    Electrical system

    1. Voltage: 12v   2. Receptacle: 7 ways (7 wire harness)

    Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.

    One set 6-core standard Cable.

    Side Guard

    A bit higher from the tire


    Polished but Not painting

    safe milk tanker trailer
    cip system for milk tanker
    Rear quarter view of a semi tanker truck on a highway hauling milk to a dairy. 16:9 aspect ratio.
    fresh milk transport ,milk tanker food grade safety
    milk processing
    milk logistics
    milk factory processing fresh milk
    dairy factory
    milk tanker transport

    Clients may get confused when they choose the trucks from China , especially when all the trucks look all the same to them , or when it is their first time to purchase the truck from internet . 

    Our factory can help you select the correct model since we are the manufacturer producing the upper body or the semitrailers for the complete set of the truck . We have better knowledge to understand fully about the specs of the trucks and the vehicles . For more information details , please contact us via email or whatsapp .

    Production Time : 35 Days

    Custom clearance : 2 Days


    - 3 Pairs of brake shoes will be given free

    - 1 spare-tire

    - Operation Tool Kit

    - Fire extinguisher

    Above parts are given freely to clients when order is placed to us .


    The new trailers will be waxed twice before shipment , to protect them from outside corrosion .

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